Little MO’s activities started with hashing in 1984 with domestic, regional and international hashing. Attending almost all Interhash’s just missing a few of them. In 1998 started organizing the annual Hatta camp and hashing. After 2006 there were more activities with the desert safari drive, camp and hashing, the UAE national day run, and UAE sports day,

In 2014 during the Hainan interhash, while discussing with colleagues of hashers to host interhash in Dubai, the high positive response pushed the idea further to approach the international hash community and request to host the Interhash officially.

In April of 2016 LITTLE MO’S H3 received the Government of Dubai approval to host the Interhash in 2020 and LITTLE MO’S H3 are doing best as our chance are high to win for 2020.